Puerto Rico Has Been in Need for Decades, These Organizations Are Working to Meet That Long Standing Need

Since the Jones Act of 1920, the future of Puerto Rico and its people has been unstable. This act is still upheld today and entails that ships cannot dock if they are foreign-flagged, manned, and owned. This act is exclusive to noncontiguous parts of the U.S. like Hawaii, Alaska, Guam, and Puerto Rico among other places. Considering Puerto Rico is an island, a territory, and not a state or independent nation, without the ability to trade or earn money from tourism and goods from foreign ships docking in the island’s ports, the act guarantees reliance upon the U.S. in the form of modern subjugation.

Without the ability to produce adequate income to support the estimated over 2 million people that live there, Puerto Rico has been vulnerable to poverty, mismanaged resources, government corruption, inadequate opportunities for jobs, education, healthy food, clean drinking water, and much more for over 100 years.

This is why these nonprofits, who are active on the island today, are crucial to the betterment of the overall quality of life for the people of El Isla Del Encanto. They help to meet the needs of Puerto Ricans from healthcare, to food, and other resources like those mentioned previously.

If you are able, please consider looking into the individual causes each of these non-profits supports. Learn about them by clicking on their logo and visiting their site, and sharing their info with friends and family.

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