The Artist

Brandon Rodriguez

Graphic Designer, Storyteller, Artist, Passionate Boricua y Dominicano

My name is Brandon Rodriguez, and I was exposed to Taino culture because I was raised by my Puerto Rican mother and grandmother who showered me with amor para cultura. They shared stories of los indios Tainos with me as a child, while imparting the modern culture of Puerto Ricans today, or as the Taino called us, the Boricua.

Since I was born with aggressive chronic asthma, I spent much of my time indoors. I experienced the world through books, watching cartoons, and anime, playing video games, and reading my father’s comic books. I began expressing myself and found refuge in drawing when I was around four years of age. I felt people did not understand me, and simply did not want to. So I would draw. Like, REALLY draw!

I would sketch myself into a trance, unaware of several or more hours forever etched into my sketchbook.

If I were not busy in the act of creating, I would immerse myself in the creations of others. I lived through their stories, inspired to share my own stories. In this project, I am retelling the stories of my ancestors in a contemporary model.

As a designer, an artist, and a Boricua, I hope you will come to love my stories. I hope you will find comfort and inspiration in my stories, like the stories my mother and grandmother shared with me in my childhood.

Welcome to Mitos Encantada.

Please do not copy my work. I spent an unholy amount of hours of difficult researching, writing, editing, designing, and illustrating everything on this website by myself!